Women in Committed Relationships Have Better Sexual Experiences Sexuality

Married women rate higher levels of sexual satisfaction with relationship satisfaction including love and commitment. Studies found that married women are satisfied sexually when they are satisfied with their marriage. Therefore, women perceive the quality of their relationship as a determinant to their sexual satisfaction. Researchers found that women’s perception and their partners’ perception of compatibility were predictive of satisfaction in sex. Much research on self-esteem and its relationship to sex satisfaction, as well as research on sexual knowledge and body image, has been conducted.

The study found that college women with higher levels of self-esteem have greater satisfaction with their sex life and orgasmic response. Body image has been studied concerning married women. Researchers found that regardless of the woman’s age, she was more likely to consider herself more attractive when she was 10 years younger. The more a woman perceives herself as less attractive than before, the more likely she is to report a decline in sexual desire or frequency of sexual activity. Many women attend counseling sessions when they are experiencing depressive symptoms and anxiety that are related to her self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction relating to her interpersonal relationships.

The research study explores previous research that has been conducted on self-esteem. This study also examines research on body image in women. At the same time, the study explores women’s level of sexual knowledge and the research that accompanies sexual knowledge. Finally, the study examines research that has been conducted on sexual satisfaction in women. Exploring research that has been conducted on each of these variables allows the researcher to build a foundation to examine each of these variables together and explore the relationship between these variables using an older population. The findings from this research study assists counselors in providing information to their clients to help guide them to understand the causes of insecurities and dissatisfying feelings. Researchers concluded that sexual knowledge is clearly linked to sexual experience. The sexual ideologies and experiences of college students are more liberal than non-collegiate women. They recommend that more research be conducted using samples with varying characteristics in order to research a link between situation-specific sexual knowledge and sexual behavior or experiences.

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