Booking Entertainment For Corporate Events | Entertainment tips

When you are putting on a corporate event, you need to have some thought over what the entertainment is going to be. Corporate entertainment is one of the cornerstones of a good event and if the entertainment is bad, the event is going to suffer as well. Follow these tips to ensure your corporate event does not suffer:1. Begin planning the event as early as you can. Entertainers are often booked very early so you want to make sure that if you are planning a corporate entertainment event for the holiday season, you book very early on. You do not want to have to settle with someone who may not be what you want.

2. Instead of booking through agencies, or managers, book directly with the entertainer. That will allow you to save more money and the more money you save, while providing a good event, the more your bosses are going to be happy.3. Talk with your co-workers to find out what kind of entertainment they want. They may want comedy, music, magic or something completely different. You want to ensure your audience is getting exactly what they want so that they are happy with the event.4. Find out what kind of experience the performer has and make sure you ask for a demo tape, which will show you their style. When you hire a comedian, you may want to get someone who is more Bill Cosby than Richard Pryor for your event.

5. Find out what is included in the fees that you are paying. Some entertainers will give you a better deal and you will get more bangs for your buck. You also don’t want any unwelcome surprises.Booking entertainment for a corporate event is not always easy but use these tips to make it easier on yourself and to ensure everyone enjoys it.

Simple Video Marketing Tips For Home Business Marketers | Entertainment tips

The best network marketing video marketers do things different to the average Joe Tring to market their opportunity so i decided to do some research.. I was searching exploring online for what gives them the edge. Why do their videos garner so many more views.I thought If I could just uncover their video marketing strategies I would be on a winner and what I learned is going to aid you explode your name all over the internet. Here’s the first installment.We all know that entertainment and humorous videos get the most views on YouTube, but the question MLM marketers seem to have difficulty answering is how do you market MLM in an entertaining or humorous fashion?Here’s one simple strategy as a teaser to get your traffic juices flowing. This simple little strategy could with no trouble drive hoards of visitors to your website today and you don’t even have to make a funny or entertaining video.In fact you can do this and have it posted in a few minutes.

Today I’m going to be explaining how to use video response marketing to ride the wave of someone else’s popular content. I’m going to be talking about what types of content is most suited for this strategy and I’m going to give you an example of how one of my friends did it and got 500 visitors in one day.Every day new humorous and entertaining content gets uploaded on YouTube and some of it, almost instantly, gets sent viral. Your challenge it to feed off that trending clip and here’s how you do it. Create a video comment and post it.When doing so make sure your comment is positive and creates curiosity,. Here’s an illustration of a video marketing comment strategy that I learned from video marketing guru,Dwayne Golden. It was a comment video posted on an NBA Slam dunk video.Here’s what Dwayne did. He sat in front of his computer and searched for the latest hot slam dunks from the previous nights NBA play offs. Once he had found the a short he thought was going to be the most viewed, he quickly made a webcam video comment about the slam dunk. He praised the NBA player for his skill and then went on to say something like “player x has got an awesome dunk but you should see mine”. That’s it.Dwayne got over 500 visitors to his landing page and 10 new leads in one day as a result of that 30 second effort. Here’s why. People who watch funny and entertaining videos are instantly drawn to video responses as often these are quite humorous and entertaining, even if the person making the video response had no intention of being funny themselves. Video comments stand out because most people just write. More importantly the person viewing funny and entertaining videos is already in a clicking mindset and that’s your opportunity to get traffic and capture fresh leads.

By creating an air of curiosity in your video response like Dwayne Golden did with his invitation to take a look at his slam dunk, many people will feel the need to take a look. Sure a lot of them are going to land on your capture page and click straight off, but as Dwayne’s results show you will capture fresh leads using this strategyNot bad for a few minutes work.